Nos Di Tchada i Amigos is a charitable nonprofit organization focused on improving Achada Santo António and its people. We strive to be a resource for people, businesses and communities in Tchada and surrounding towns, who work for prosperity through economic and social justice. Our goal is to strengthen families, help grow a sustainable regional economy, cultivate leadership and philanthropy, and foster respect for all. Through our donations and other special programs, Nos Di Tchada i Amigos will help build a solid foundation for the future of our hometown.

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“Nós di Tchada i Amigos” vai homenagear Rosana Almeida, vencedora do prémio nacional de jornalismo de Cabo Verde.
Nos Di Tchada i Amigos: homenagem ao Mestri Kim Alves
Grupo "Nós di Tchada i Amigus" leva mais uma vez um Natal diferente a idosos de ASA e bairros periféricos
Patrícia, fã do programa "Show da Manhã" ganha cadeira de rodas
Associação "Nós di Tchada" distribui cerca de 300 kits escolares aos alunos carenciados de Achada Santo António e bairros dos arredores
Associação "Nós di Tchada" e amigos doam materiais escolares a alunos carenciados.
Associação Nôs di Tchada e Amigos faz entrega donativos de Natal a idosos da Praia
NDTiA believes that education is the ultimate way of transforming the face of urban poverty and creating tomorrow's leaders. NDTiA supports schools with supplies and programs designed to motivate student to be part of the solution and builds community invested in its own future.
Healthcare is key to NDTiA approach to help build empowered, healthy generations. NDTiA will partner with healthcare professionals to supports programs to improve preventative care, child immunizations, child nutrition and many more.
Together we can achieve more. NDTiA fully embraces this philosophy and we realize that there are many great organizations working towards social changes. Whenever possible NDTiA will partner with other organizations to better address social issues.
NDTiA understands that we are not able to address every issue with our programs, however whenever possible we will make donations to communities, schools, organizations or individuals to help address specific need.
Once again Christmas Giveaway program was a huge success thanks to generous donations from our friends.
We were able to distribute groceries to families in Tchada, S. Domingos, Tira Chapeu, Tchada Grandi Traz i Santa Cruz.
We THANK all of you who donated financially or otherwise toward this program. This would not have been possible without YOU.
You can see pictures and videos on our facebook page. We will soon upload them to this site.
Christmas Grocery Giveaway