G.T. Smith is known to have said that "Donors don't give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe." With that in mind, the organization Nos di Tchada i Amigos carried out the second (one might add successful) fundraising party last Saturday, October 6, at the Raynham Park Gaming, Raynham, Massachusetts. The party, which in fact was more a gathering of those who believe in the power of sharing, giving, altruism and philanthropy in general, brought together people from all sorts of background: youth, adult, man and woman, Cape Verdeans of different islands, all focusing to "invest" in something that they believe.

It was a night of good music, great conversation among friends, laughter and joy. The room became indeed too small, as enjoyment and delight filled it. Several artists went on stage to perform some well-known songs, making those present to "travel", in their minds, in time and in space (back to Cape Verde). Needless to say that there was a lot of dancing" for what makes us Cape Verdeans is that our bodies respond automatically to music, as sound waves penetrate deeply into us making us float uncontrollably, yet pleasurably.

Zerui de Pina, a well-known artist among Cape Verdeans in the United States, was the real magician of the night. He directed the party just like a virtuoso conductor does over a complex orchestra. His directives for an interactive enjoyment between the artists and the audience were joyfully followed by the crowd. The highest peak of the night centered on a hilarious and entertaining "war of the sexes." Zerui musically orchestrated a sociable competition between men and women. In no time a human circle was made up and a man and a woman began to express their bodies musically.

Because we are engaged in the art of giving and sharing, Nos di Tchada i Amigos understand that the very first principle is to create a joyful and friendly atmosphere. Our ultimate goal is to re-link with Tchada Santu Antoniu and Cape Verde in general. All hands are always welcome --- join us for a cause, adhere to Nos di Tchada i Amigos for Tchada and for Cape Verde.

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Second Nos di Tchada i Amigos’ Fundraising Party a success